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Agency Portal – Making Payment Easier

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Submit timesheets / raise invoices on behalf of your contractors
Request contractor payment in advance of sending funds to iBalance
Track insurance status to ensure your contractors are ‘on cover’
Download / Save / Print new and old invoices
View a report of invoices awaiting your payment
Send Remittance advices to iBalance at the click of a button
Request amendments to invoices
Review contract rates and details
View and print incorporation, vat certificates, insurance certificates and bank details

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Give us a call on 08450 543 222 to set up a username and password and in a few minutes you’ll have instant access to your invoices and contract details.

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I have found the agency portal extremely useful, especially the ability to log on, raise and print invoices. This is quick
and easy to do and enables us to match them up with our timesheets and avoids a delay in making payments.

We are also able to send remittances online, which allows iBalance to easily allocate funds. This cuts down on
unnecessary phone calls between accounts departments and ensures the best possible service to our candidates.
Claire, M.T.S.

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